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Before & After Photos

With any aesthetic practice, photos are a MUST. It’s all too common for you to improve a client's appearance in one area, only for them to notice something else!

ProFile Aesthetic Management makes it easy to capture high-quality before and after photos and videos and add them into your patient’s chart.

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Track Procedures Directly Onto Photos

Aesthetic practices utilize before and after photos to track the improvement of a patient’s appearance. With ProFile you can capture a photo of your customer before treatment and then use the photo to track treatments directly on the photo. You can capture photos of the patient throughout the course of their treatment and store it in the patient record.

There is no limit to the amount of photos you can store in the patient record, and you can update the photos with treatment information with each new procedure.

Visual Record Keeping

Before and After photos help patients visualize the benefits of their aesthetic treatment plan. By keeping photos in the patient record of ProFile Aesthetic Management, you can demonstrate to your patients the visible changes of their treatment and provide quality assurance to increase customer satisfaction.

ProFile gives you limitless photo storage in the patient record so you can track the patient’s success over the course of their treatment.

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