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HIPAA Standards

ProFile Aesthetic Management helps your medspa or aesthetic clinic manage patient appointments, treatment records, and other necessary patient information through our secure cloud-based infrastructure that complies with HIPAA standards.

HIPAA Compliance For ProFile Aesthetic Management

ProFile runs on a cloud platform with the support of a Amazon-backed HIPAA server protected by enhanced security. This ensures that your patient health information is safe inside your network. Not only does this prevent your patient data from being accessed by unauthorized users, but it also protects your own information.

The healthcare sector is the frequent victim of cyberattacks, which makes security of your patient data a vital component of any cloud-based EMR solution. ProFile Aesthetic Management adopts the updated and enhanced security features for aesthetic practices and medspa with our platform. We stay up to date on the latest threats to your online data and implement changes and improvements based on security trends and user feedback.

PAM Client Record Mobile 1-3

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