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Managing Digital Consent Forms

One of the most important things to consider when starting aesthetics is to have a reliable, thorough consent form.

With ProFile Aesthetics Management, you are able to have your patients sign consent forms, fill out new patient paperwork, and any other form you require for your practice.

You can securely send forms for your patients to complete and have them ready to go before treatment. Once completed, the forms are automatically uploaded into the system and stored in their customer record.

Direct Signatures

Profile even allows for direct signature of forms using a smart device like your phone or tablet. No need for printing, manual signatures, scanning and storing. You can bypass these steps to speed up the authorization for all treatment.
Completing and storing consent forms is a breeze with ProFile Aesthetic Management.

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Secure Form Storage

All electronic medical records and forms are securely stored using our Amazon HIPAA compliant server. Data is kept secure and safe within the strict standards that Amazon uses for all healthcare companies.

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