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Seamless Payments

ProFile Aesthetic Management offers fully-integrated payment options to help you collect payments from your patients and avoid timely collections.

You can collect payments directly from the platform, manage customer records, and stay on top of your revenue. With a steady stream of payments coming into the system, your business will thrive and grow without the hassles of managing cash and checks.

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Secure Transactions

We’ll help you establish a merchant account that ties directly into our secure and HIPAA compliant platform. Our premier customer support will even help you manage chargebacks without jeopardizing any patient data in the process. You can rest easy knowing that payments are coming in without the risk of data breaches or compliance issues.

Affordable Payment Processing

Payment processing costs can add up over time for the new aesthetics professional. With ProFile Aesthetic Management, each transaction is processed with a flat fee of (insert percentage), thereby giving you the ease of touchless payments without the risk of breaking the bank.

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